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Music For Advertising And Film
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Music for Advertising and Film

Independent Music for Advertising and Film
Music is vital to advertising and film: we create it and we use it to send the right messages to our audiences.
Sound Foundation acts as an agent for the independent artists featured on this website and sourcing music from us/them is simple.
Sourcing Music
We host a diverse selection of independent music that could unlock the success of your latest ad campaign or film project.
If/When you hear something that you think suits your project, simply phone or email Lawrence Eastland CEO and reference the artist and track details. He’ll get in touch with the artist and facilitate a competitive arrangement for you.
Custom Music and Soundtracks
Sound Foundation has relationships with numerous local studios that can create a tailored soundtrack for you and your project. If you have something in mind please contact Lawrence (Eastland CEO) to discuss your project in more detail.
Sound Foundation Artists have featured in:
• Independent films and television series
• Television commercials
• Radio commercials
• Documentaries
Lawrence Eastland CEO
Mobile: 0421 181 018 (outside Australia: +61 421 181 018)
Sound Foundation postal address
Sound Foundation
PO Box 1721
Byron Bay NSW 2481