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Welcome Customers
Sound Foundation was created for independent musicians, authors and filmmakers (we call them our creatives) and the crowds (their customers) that support them…and the guests who have yet to experience them.
When you buy music, books or films from Sound Foundation you are supporting the independent creatives who created it, which means they can make more of it!
What about Profile Pages?
When crowds make their first purchase with us they get their own “Stashes” profile page to host and promote the content they’ve bought on Sound Foundation.
What about a Credit Rewards System?
So, “Stashes” pages host the content crowds have bought on Sound Foundation. You can click on people's profiles from around the world and see what they're into and buy it from them instead of the creator. If you do, they get credits redeemable on Sound Foundation for content and you get your own page to showcase your Sound Foundation products. Then you can promote the content you've bought through your social networks and earn credits yourself. So, credits = free stuff. To join instantly just buy something!
My Information is Safe, Right?
We appreciate the importance and seriousness of internet security and we want our customers to have complete peace of mind when they use our site.
  • We use no less than 256 Bit encryption on all our transactions
  • We have a secure payment gateway and merchant facility with Net Registry and The Bank of Melbourne
  • We have SSL cert Secured by GeoTrust 256 Bit SSL Valid to May 2017
What’s the Music Quality like?
All music published on Sound Foundation is available in Mp3 format (amongst others) so it is compatible with all Mac and PC media players. The quality of each track is 160kbps and the sample rate is 44.100kHz Stereo.
When you buy music from Sound Foundation it is yours to listen to forever and sharing your downloads for free is illegal. If your friends like something you've bought so much tell them to buy it and support the artist who created it and earn credits in the process!
Thank you
Lastly, Sound Foundation and our creatives would like to thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy everything it has to offer and please don’t hesitate to tell every indie loving person you know about us!
For more information on how to use this site please ***CLICK HERE***.