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Welcome to where we answer the frequently asked questions. As we recieve feedback from people, we tend to add the answers so it helps everyone. Below are a description of what each page does to start the ball rolling.
All our downloads are instant
Accounting is transparent in real time. APRA/AMCOS click of a button
You also have full control of your profits and set the price of your content. Membership lasts for 12 months. 
Cloud Storage fee = $25 per gig. Even free membership creatives in 50/50 royalt split deals incur this cost.
Sound Foundation allows content to be completely self-managed and includes a transparent accounting system in real time. 


Welcome to Sound Foundation, the home of socially networked digital publishing, here you will be able to upload and download legal digital content from people all around the world. All you have to do is buy one item off our site and get your own “Stash” to share with  your friends or sign up and start distributing your content with up to 90% royalties, either way you will be part of a really awesome  community of independent people who just want to do things right.


The Sound Foundation business model allows musicians to choose what’s best for them. Sound Foundation offers a variety of  options for returns, musicians will be able to opt for 50%, 70% up to 90% (80% for labels) of royalty return from the download price  (less expenses). Membership fees are priced accordingly and FREE for 50/50 royalty split between Sound Foundation and content provider (plus storage fees). This allows our content providers to have control of their profits and their sales. This structuring of royalties is applicable to all content providers including films, books, music and android apps.


Sound Foundation has been supporting the distribution of e books for over 4 years. Demand for e books is rapidly expanding, e books are one of the most popularly sold items on the Internet today. Sound Foundation's site allows authors to upload and manage their own content in a fast, professional and easy way. Sound Foundation will provide support for technical issues and also offer a reasonably priced design service relevant to e books such as document layout and cover design should an author require it.


This section offers film makers a portal to professionally promote and release their content online. Film content released on this site is designed specifically for viewingon mobile phones and portable media devices such as ipods, ipads and smart phones as well as on all small screen visual media players. Sound Foundation allows content to be completely self managed and includes a transparent accounting system in real time. The new site now includes all resolutions up to HD quality.


Stashes are where you will find a collection of the people who have bought something from soundfoundation. you can click on any one and see what they have bought, listen to samples and buy music , books and films from anyone, if you do, they get credits and you get your own page to showcase all your cool stuff, and recomend it to friends too. credits = free stuff. The more you recomend the more you get for helping out, to join instantly just buy something.


You want Tv?, here we showcase a selection of artists that have film clips relating to the music they have on our site available for download, its also a place for you to check out some of the film clips that they have created. The stuff you see below is totally random too making sure everyone gets the opportunity to put the fruits of their labour, we hope you enjoy.

TOP 10

Each month we showcase the top 10 sellers in each genre. At the end of each year we have an online awards event, that years best sellers in each category are recognised and rewarded for their achievements. Awards will come from involved sponsors, from educational opportunities to goods and gift certificates relevant to each category.


Sound Foundation offers industry related businesses the opportunity to advertise and showcase their business directly to those in the industry and to all members. Its easy to advertise your service here just follow the prompts or if your just here to connect  with great business, check out the services below to help you with the things that could help you.