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Non exclusive with the best returns worldwide instantly

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Welcome to Sound Foundation, the socially networked digital publishing company designed to professionally promote and sell your music , books and films online direct to the public and make no less than 70% and up to 90% in the process. We don't indulge in spreading your content through other providers either, so if you have contracts with labels or publishers that do, joining us will not breech that contract.

Join now and get 6 Months FREE, 70% royalties and 1GB of disk space to store the music, books and films you have created and together we can publish it to the world and share it among our friends.

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we have created something a little different for our customers with brilliant rewards for supporting independently published music, books and films.



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Bands, Authors and Film makers

Welcome to Sound Foundation, a 360-degrees-DIY digital playground and social hub wholly committed to supporting independent creatives, their crowds and our guests. Our platform offers the richest visual setting for the publishing of indie music, books and films and we are one of the first platforms that lets customers buy content from each other and rewards them for it. (Check out the STASHES tab to learn more about that). Our goal is to professionally market our creatives' content and distribute their music online, and we use the highest standards of graphic design and online delivery to do achieve it. In our first year we hosted over 50,000 unique visitors and today, we represent independent creatives from over 35 countries around the world.

What we do

1. We believe all creatives should get up to 90% returns for their creations
2. We believe independent creatives need one centralised, unified social hub to call home
3. We believe this home should be as visually invigorating as its content


It's so easy to join Sound Foundation as a customer and start recomending your own stash to your friends, all you have to do is buy something and you can start benefiting instantly. ! why not see what you get buy looking at other peoples stashes by clicking here

We have created something a little different for our customers with brilliant rewards for supporting independently published music, books and films. As soon as you purchase a product from Sound Foundation you automatically get your very own page on our site, think of it like a personal bookshelf. From here you can always access all your purchases. Where it gets a little different is you can recomend everything you buy to your social networked friends! and if any of them buy anything from your page you get credits for recomending the sale! You can then acrue your credits and exchange them for all the cool stuff on Sound Foundation YUP! thats right you get FREE stuff for recomending things you have bought and look cool in the process. Whats good about this system is that you get rewarded for supporting and spreading the word of independent content providers work world wide.

The best thing is when your friends buy something from you, they also get their own page too and can do exactly the same thing! So why not look through our content and buy something now and tell your friends, you never know, your next purchase on our site may be free!

Global Market

img Selling products world wide espically in an age where we have contracts with companies in different countries can be tricky business trying not to tread on everyones toes espically when they are trying to sell your products. We developed a great system to protect you globally. Our web site gives you the opportunity to be able to pick where you want to sell your content, thats right you pick where its available either world wide or just in your own country or another.

This This freedom allows you to work with other companies who want exclusivity in certain territories, Sound Foundation offers you the freedom to have your content with us and them with out anyone getting their knickers in a twist! We do it using IP recognition which tells us what country someone is from when on our site, and gives you the power to allow your content to be accessed by them or not.