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APRA | AMCOS and Sound Foundation

APRA | AMCOS are heavyweight not-for-profit organisations that ensure Australian and New Zealand musicians are properly remunerated for the use and reproduction of their music.

They are the non-negotiable authorities overseeing these functions and as a creative you want these guys in your corner.

Sound Foundation is fully licensed and accredited by APRA and AMCOS to sell music legally online. If you are considering joining our site, we strongly recommend that you register all of your content with them too. When you click the APRA or AMCOS button on each of your tracks uploaded our propriotary accounting systems automatically manage all the rest.

CLICK HERE  to redirect to their site.

Accounting Integration benefits

At Sound Foundation, we’ve made accounting simple for you. To retrieve your AMPRA/AMCOS account records click “My Stats” and you can dowload the APRA AMCOS excel report once you’re logged into your account administration page.

Many of our friends are creatives so we went to great lengths to ensure accounting is transparent and in real time for you.