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Welcome to Stashes

Stashes are our crowds’ (customers') profile pages that showcase the content they've bought. You can click on people's profiles from around the world and see what they're into and buy it from them instead of the creator. If you do, they get credits redeemable on Sound Foundation and you get your own page to showcase your Sound Foundation products - then you can promote the content you've bought and earn credits yourself. So, credits = free stuff. To join instantly just buy something!



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colin oreilly Simon Denneen David Powis Andrew Jordan Xavier Jablonski Barbara Houston Sharron Perks Gregory Kevin Easterman Cameron Young Camilla Stark


Andreas Goeltl Graf Marc Philipp Alexander Starkl Herbert Reininger Adi Lorenz


Leonard Van Hoeywegen robert schippers hilde


Gustavo Augusto de Oliveira Ferreira marco cianflone Bruno Descaves Rodrigo Albuquerque


Clayton Oldham-Chitty Darcy Kulczycki Cory Leis deva Lorraine Osborne celine racine maxime felicity payment Russell Bragg Dianna Klinick

Anson Vogt Joanne Iampietro Ryan Daniel Kuklik Alejandro Iampietro Elizabeth Hyodo Jakub Dabrowski Simon Deller Melanie McDonald Glen Jo-Anne Sutherland