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Welcome to 199Gnome


199GNOME is a fresh concept for Australian and New Zealand audiences, incorporating our proprietary technology to supply music, films, books, information and much more direct to your mobile phones.

Our system also allows for your ability to run competitions, delivering the action in real time. Our solutions are as creative as your content.

Have competitions, deliver the action in real time. This Gnomes solutions are as creative as your content.

Why a Gnome


Our Gnome travels around the world looking for potential content that he thinks people will like, puts it in his pack and makes it available to anyone who orders it, directly to their mobile phone.

What can we deliver?


Great question and here is the answer... Anything digital.

Think music, films, books, information, recipes, documents, manuals, reports, lyrics, band posters, art, learning tools, translation guides, maps literally anything digital our Gnome will deliver to the peeps in Oz and NZ. So get creative and help the world through pixels instead of trees either by buying an e-book or making one of your own, we will support you.



Imagine delivering music from your festivals bands instantly to the people in the crowd upon demand.

199Gnome can do just that. We work with festivals to seamlessly deliver content and prizes to your customers and at the same time create an additional revenue stream at literally no cost to you or your performers.

We work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for all concerned.



If your production has great content that people want, let’s give it to them. Movies, books, recipes, music even information, we can supply it to your viewers directly via their mobile phone.

Our business model has been specifically designed to add value without any added cost to existing television programs. Simply, efficiently and with minimal disruption to your situation.



Both community and commercial radio can take advantage of our systems as well. Let’s say your listeners want a copy of a particular talk back show because they liked the subject matter. Now think how effective it would be to offer the listener the opportunity of having it sent directly to their phone. Well now you can and at the same time, create extra revenue for the station.



199Gnome is simply the best way of delivering your content to the people who want it because our technology is designed to do just that. When they want it, where they want it and with no additional costs to you or your business. Partnering with us will not only create an extra source of income, but will also make your business look innovative and advanced by integrating our cutting edge technology.

Contact Us


If you wish to inquire about partnering with us for mobile distribution please use the information below:


Post and where to send your music.

Sound Foundation
PO Box 1721
Byron Bay NSW 2481


Mobile: 0421 181 018 (outside Australia: +61 421 181 018)

Soundfoundation also have a Myspace page


To Visit us on My - Click Here

Got Skype? call us for free from anywhere in the world


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