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August 2018

News NEWS keeps our social hub buzzing. It's full of stuff that we find interesting, weird, cool and relevant. Hopefully, you'll find stuff worthwhile here too. It's also where we'll mention if we're putting together a Not-For-Profit album or release new Top10 charts and point you in the right direction.


YouTube Our very own YouTube channel in honour of our social hub that features film clips, extreme stuff and videos to entertain us. It's for all of us so if you've got something good to share just add it.

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Skull Candy

Skull Candy So, I've got a pair of these awesome headphones and I have to say, they rock. If Dre's got the hip hop and drum 'n' bass market covered, Skull Candy's got the indie market covered. They talk to Siri and do it all, plus they look awesome - I'm into old school. In saying that, they have a cotton cord so you need to treat it right. All in all, I give these puppies Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω.

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Our Facebook!

Our Facebook! OK, we have heaps of stuff that happens on our Facebook and it works for everyone too. Prizes, new releases, awesome music videos, new books, films and plenty more. You know the drill, "Like" us and we will give you the good stuff. Cheers!

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triple j Unearthed

triple j Unearthed Unearthed is triple j’s award-winning initiative for discovering and sharing the best new Australian music. Established in 1995, triple j Unearthed has successfully established careers for thousands of musicians nationally and internationally. It stands alongside triple j’s reputation for discovering the best new Australian music for over 30 years. If you're an independent band or artist, you should check out their website and register.

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